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Co-operative Development

Renewable energy co-operatives are critical in enabling community engagement through Community Participation; contributing to the social life and environmental sustainability of the community.

Renewable energy co-operatives have a proven ability to capitalize their projects. They provide economic opportunities to their members, investors, and local service providers.

They form the platform on which more sustainable and renewable energy projects can be built in a community.

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Community Engagement

Farmers, residents, rural and urban landowners all want to see local action on climate change issues.

Traditional public meetings do not create the conditions that facilitate local empowerment to take local action. In fact, they are positional and often counter productive.

Ontario Sustainability Services employs engaging methodologies to build understanding and readiness for local community action that will lead to support for large renewable developments. We have the experience and skills to ensure that your project finds consent.

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Municipal and Corporate Partnerships

We bring together municipal and commercial interests who understand the need to share ownership and returns with the hosting community. Forward thinking municipalities see the value and benefits of partnering with commercial interest groups, be it developers or local co-operatives.

Economic participation of the hosting communities is key to creating truly sustainable renewable energy projects. Participation ensures equal benefit for both groups, shareholders and stakeholders.

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Let us help you bring your community together!

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